Charlotte Johnson has loved houses and people all of her life. Her passion is increasing home ownership and impacting communities with her enthusiasm and belief that every person deserves they want.  She has been fortunate to have been involved in many unique opportunities that have enhanced her skill as a consummate customer service provider in the real estate industry. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Technology and uses that knowledge in every level of her business. She loves travel and visiting new places. There are not many places in the US and Canada she has not seen, with over 3 million miles traveled in North America alone. All of these travels have convinced her that there is NO place in the country as amazing as Southeast Louisiana. In her spare time she enjoys fishing, spoiling her great nieces and nephews, being a handmaiden for her three dogs, and of course traveling. Her goal is to create a place of opportunity that leads to home ownership in every community she works with, and for every person she encounters.